WiFi issues on Pinephone (Braveheart) with Ubports

Although the Pinephone (Braveheart) with UBports can now be used as a daily driver (calls, data connection and texts work among other things), sometimes there is a problem with Wifi. Unfortunately, even rebooting the phone doesn’t help. Three commands come to the rescue.

sudo nmcli radio wifi off
sudo nmcli radio wifi on
sudo reboot now

Pinephone will reboot and you will be able to use wifi again.

Naturally, work with Ubports on Pinephone is still underway, and maybe when you read this text, the wifi problem has now been resolved 😉

Pinephone – open, hackable and powered by Linux smartphone

Pinephone was created by Pine64, a small, community driven company focused on creating high-quality, low cost ARM devices. PINE64 made its debut with the Pine A64 single-board computer (similar to the Raspberry Pi). Over time, and the growing community that centers around the company, Pine64 began to introduce other devices. Laptops (Pinebook and Pinebook Pro), then smartphones (Pinephone) and smartwatch (Pinetime). However, in my opinion, the biggest step in the development is Pinephone, a real novelty – open, hackable and powered by the Linux kernel smartphone.

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